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Honda HondaJet's For Sale

Manufactured since 2015
HondaJet Exterior

How much does it cost to buy a Honda HondaJet? Prices range between $3,975,000 and $4,498,000 with 12 currently advertised for sale.

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ModelTail #LocationLinkPrice
2016 HondaJet N20ZA PHOENIX, Arizona, US $4,498,000
2017 HondaJet N470TW AZ, US $4,245,000
2016 HondaJet N420BT Muskogee, Oklahoma, US $4,150,000
2016 HondaJet N250SS NC, United States $3,975,000
2016 HondaJet N250SS NC, US $3,975,000
2016 HondaJet N250SS SC, US $3,975,000
2017 HondaJet N49HJ San Marcos, California, US Not Available
2016 HondaJet N21HJ FL, US Not Available
HondaJet N684ST UT, United States Not Available
2017 HondaJet N684ST Salt Lake City, Utah, US Not Available
2017 HondaJet N470TW MD, US Not Available
2016 HondaJet N21HJ FL, United States Not Available
HondaJet Interior

Honda - HondaJet

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