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The Liberty Jet Card

Proprietary technology finds more upgrades and better pricing.
Liberty Jet Card

How it Works

Deposit a minimum of $100,000 and get guaranteed availability for any category of jet at fixed hourly rates.

Replenish your account or recieve a full refund of your deposit at any time. You never lose your deposit and you pay as you fly.

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Private Jet Technology

More Options, Upgrades and Savings

Your private jet consultant will post your trip to our proprietary auction technolgy which will provide you with multiple jet options with the potential to upgrade your jet category and/or provide additional savings over and above the fixed hourly rates.

You choose from the multiple options presented and book directly from your smartphone or computer.

Uncompromised Safety

Uncompromised Safety

One of the paramount reasons why clients prefer to fly with Liberty Jet is their understanding of our rigorous private jet safety standards. Before an aircraft is even suggested as an appropriate choice for a mission, the particular aircraft and its crew must be approved by Liberty Jet's Director of Safety.

To begin this process, we look for operations that have been evaluated by an independent auditing agency, such as Wyvern or ARG/US. This is to verify that the aircraft that they manage are operated under the most stringent measures. From here, individual aircraft and the aircraft's crew are reviewed and qualified, once and solely if they meet our required standards.

In the process we evaluate:

Aircraft history; Pilot total time in all aircraft, multi-engine aircraft and aircraft type; Aircraft Insurance Policies; Flight hours in the past 90 days and 12 months; Complete pilot history including sanctions, incidents or accidents; Compliance of all standard Federal Aviation Regulation requirements. Liberty Jet maintains an ARG/US Platinum rating. These ratings require us to maintain higher levels of safety than required by the FAA and report pilot and operational information on a regular basis. There is a significant cost associated with these ratings, but we believe it's an inherent necessity to assure aircraft owners and charter customers that Liberty Jet maintains standards above and beyond industry standards. Regardless of aircraft size or model they are passengers on, the aircraft and its crew are trained and operated by the industries best and most qualified flight crews.