How much it costs to own and operate a Citation XLS+ private jet


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Citation XLS+ Operating Costs

Sample annual operating cost summary.
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Citation XLS+ Exterior

Annual Budget

The total annual budget for flying a Citation XLS+ private jet 200 hours per year is approximately $913,644 or $1,363,044 for flying 400 hours per year. The maximum speed of the Citation XLS+ is 507 mph, but with slower climb, cruise and descending speeds it is more likely to average 406 mph which would equate to an average cost per mile of approximately $11.26 at 200 hours per year. If you fly 400 hours per year, you can spread the total fixed costs over more flight hours which reduces your cost per mile to $8.40.

These budgets do not include the cost to purchase the jet, depreciation or the cost of capital (interest payments.)

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Sample Operating Budget

Costflying 200 hours/yearflying 400 hours/year
Direct Operating Costs (DOC)  
Fuel Cost @ $4.40/gal Updated to Nat'l Avg Each Week$184,800$369,600
Engine Overhaul$88,400$176,800
Misc Crew/Landing/Handling$80,000$160,000
Miscellaneous Variable$30,000$60,000
Total Direct Operating Costs (DOC)$449,400$898,800
Fixed Costs  
Crew Training$38,813$38,813
Jet Management$78,000$78,000
Miscellaneous Fixed$50,000$50,000
Total Fixed Costs$464,244$464,244
Total Annual Budget$913,644$1,363,044
Citation XLS+ Interior

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